About Us

We Focus on Your Productivity
and Bottom Line

Locally owned and operated, our management group has over twenty years of industry experience. Our size and expertise give us the ability to formulate an “ADAPTABLE Recruiting Plan.” We ADAPT to each one of our clients’ staffing needs.

Benefits to Employers

  • Increased Productivity
  • Higher Employee Retention
  • Lower Unemployment Cost
  • Better Matched Candidates
  • Reduced Training Costs
  • Increased Community Reach for Recruiting
  • Flexible Labor Cost
  • Increased Company Profitability

Benefits to Candidates

  • Career Advice
  • Interviewing Tips
  • Market Employment Knowledge
  • Accelerated Employment Process
  • Resume Tips
  • Competitive Employment Benefits (health, dental and life)

Local Ownership

  • Direct and frequent contact with decision makers
  • Quicker response time
  • Better customer attention and appreciation

Knowledge of Richmond

  • Community relationships for over thirty years
  • Established recruiting sources
  • Compensation knowledge
  • Established long-term professional relationship

Superior Skill Assessments

  • All skill assessments are conducted “live and in person”
  • The confidence of knowing that our candidates actually have the necessary skills
  • Increased productivity; minimized training time

Adaptable Account Management

  • Training program is tailored to project specifications
  • Time and cost savings

Nationally Affiliated

  • Adapt Staffing Group is a national affiliate of The People 2.0 Network.
  • Professional risk management and insurance
  • Comprehensive administrative support
  • Provides financial resources that will allow you to grow

Stabilized Management

  • Build relationships with people who are here to stay
  • In-depth understanding of your specific contingent staffing needs

Superior Interview Process

  • Before being assigned each and every candidate is interviewed “live and in person”
  • No E-Relationships!
  • Evaluations are based on facts and skills; not on information off resume

Adaptable Recruiting Approach

  • Recruiting plan is tailored to your specifications
  • More productive employees
  • Enhanced satisfaction

Adaptable Reporting Systems

  • State-of-the-art software can customize invoices and reports
  • Reports are easy to read
  • Simplified accounting

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